Friday, October 12, 2007

Sack and Tail, Camera Pan and S n' C curve excercises.

TNT Sack and Tail

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Class project. The Ball/sack (harf harf) exercise. I cheaped out as this project was supposed to be an exercise demonstrating the squash and stretch principals and tail wave action, similar to my reptile animation. There are some really choppy scenes, like when the sack lands before the lightning strike. I decided to add an explosion at the end to compensate. It garnered me an A+ anyways. Just like 80's action, I cant close a film unless it ends with a nuke, or equivalent sized explosion. Style over substance!

Cobra Commander

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I love GI.Joe! This animation was a simple experiment using flipbook. I was learning the camera move tools, and ended up getting a decent looking track shot of the great Commander inspecting his Crimson Guard! I've always loved Stanley Kubrick's use of long horizontal tracking shots. This scene is inspired by the prison tracking shot from Paths of Glory, one of my all time favorite films.

Reptile C and S curve

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Showing the "C" and "S" curves, principals which are essential for character animation. School project. Quality may suck, I had to convert the .avi to flash. Poo.

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