Monday, January 30, 2012

Amazon Studios Update

For the past year I've been working with screenwriter Gary Milin creating "test films".

What are test films? Basically they're feature-length animatics (moving storyboards) adapted from original screenplays. Amazon Studios is the creation of Their goal is to compete with the big studios and produce their own feature films. The innovation of Amazon Studios is that they take script submissions and film ideas from the general public and hold contests and generally try to promote "outsider" talent.

So far, I've been lead artist on 2 of these features, both of which have won the monthly 100K prize. I've also won "best drawn storyboard".

Here are links to the 2 features I've illustrated:

Myth of a Modern Man (Storyboards):

Sky Pirates (Storyboards and Art Direction):

Click on "Trailer 6 - Official Hi-Res Version"

You can stream them for free courtesy of Amazon Studios.

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